Quinceañera Videography and Photography Packages

I am part of a Quinceañera group on Facebook, and I came across a post for videography and photography packages. Some people posted the prices they paid for their quinceañera. So, I decided to reply to post, which is the reason for this page. I saw different prices for photography and videography for quinceañera. First, I am speaking as a person who owns a video and photo company. We film quinceañeras every year; we provide both photography and videography packages.

Packages for videography and photography packages varies based on the packages, the location, the photographer, the videographer, and the total hours both videographer and photographer have to work. Furthermore, we can’t forget the videography and photography equipment to capture the event. I know, it’s a lot, and most people who look for a videographer and photographer don’t think about all that information because the price is the focus. A large population area will have a lot of experience videographers and photographers. Also, companies and people that are new to the fields.

Quinceañera Videography Packages

Let me go to the topic of packages and tools. Hours, features, experience, and tools effect the price of your video and photo packages. Some videographers have the professional tools to film your event. Meaning, the videographer will have two to three cameras to film your quinceañera. You have to take account the audio, which is also an important part of the video. A 4k video is a lot better than a 1080p video. You will see the difference on your smart 4k tv. No, your 4k iPhone is not the same as a 4k professional camera! There is a BIG difference between professional tools and non-professional tools. An experience videographer and photographer will consider every aspect of your event! Professional videographers and photographers can walk in a room and will automatically think about where to put the cameras and your lighting situation.

In addition, as for photographers, a professional photographer will take hours editing your photos! A photographer average more than 2000 photos on a full day shoot. Think about it, that’s just one person. It does not take one day to go through 2000 plus photos and deliver them the next day. We are talking about after the quinceañera.

As for your packages, some packages may include a highlight reel for the quinceañera, the mass from start to finish, and the celebration. You may want the videographer and photographer to film the preparation session for your quinceañera. It takes hours to edit every aspect of an event and putting them together is another aspect.

Someone put on the comment, “You pay for what you get!”, and that’s very true! An experience videographer and photographer will charge you more because they have the experience and the professional tools to capture your quinceañera. However, that does not mean that you can’t find a very good package for your quinceañera.

Photography and Videography Event Packages for Quinceañera

photography and videography packages for a Quinceañera varies from your location, the hours, the features, and the experience of the photographer and videographer. As a company, we provide custom videography and photography packages for quinceañera. That ’s why we schedule consultation with our clients about their event. This is to make sure that we capture their event they way the envision it. You are welcome contact us to discuss your quinceañera event. We will be very happy to create a custom video and photo package for you.