How to pick the Best Wedding Videography Package

You have done most of your shopping for your wedding. Now you are getting ready to pick a wedding videography package. You are in the market for a package not only will meet your need but will meet your budget as well. The goal is for us to educate you how to pick the best wedding videography package for your wedding.

Traditional Wedding Videography

The traditional wedding videography is very common online. For some engage couple, traditional wedding videography is good enough. What do we meet by traditional wedding videography? Traditional wedding video videography includes the following: bride and groom preparation, wedding ceremony, and wedding reception with basic transitions. This package is mostly for couples who simply want a videographer to film the events as they see it. The videographer will film the wedding ceremony and reception. This will include all the special moments during the wedding ceremony and reception.

Traditional wedding videography prices can sometimes cost more than other wedding videography package. The average wedding can last between 6 to 12 hours. A videographer will need to film for that long and gathered up to 300 to 900 video clips. This is the one of the main reasons the price for traditional wedding can cost more than other videography packages. Therefore, the post- production workflow can be a lot. In addition, the final video can be between 50 to 90 minutes long. We have seen a huge changed in people requesting their wedding videos to be a shorter compare to traditional videos.

What’s Modern Wedding Videography Package?

Well, the modern wedding videography package is a very popular package. Most couples don’t want to sit down for 90 minutes to watch a video. It is not the lack of interest, it more about “the short and sweet” aspect. Most couple will hire a videographer to film their wedding from beginning to end.

As we said earlier, most couples want a videographer to film their wedding from beginning to end. Most wedding’s total average is between 9 to 12 hours. For most videographers, filming a wedding from the beginning to end is as important as filming a traditional wedding video package. The difference is creating a captivating reel that can move the couple’s emotionally.

It is easy to think that a 15-minute video can take less time to complete compare to a 90-minute wedding video. Most videographers will tell you that it is difficult to create a 15-minute wedding video reel compare to a 90 minute video. The traditional wedding videos has flow to it. Meaning, the videographer knows that the wedding ceremony is usually first or after the bride and groom preparations. Next, for the 90-minute video, will be wedding reception and all the moments that will take place during the time. So, what’s so special about a modern day wedding videography package? Why the average wedding final wedding videography videos are between 10 to 20 minutes long? We will discuss those two questions in the next paragraph.

Wedding Videography Extended Package

Most couples don’t want a long wedding video because they would rather have a summary of their wedding, which is very similar to an extended version of a movie trailer. The videographers will have a lot of videos to pick from the wedding videos for the reel. Videographers can summarize a wedding video between 5 to 20 minutes long. Any wedding videos at 20 minutes would be considered to be an extended version. What’s so special about the modern day wedding videography package?

Although the modern day wedding videographer is shorter compared to traditional wedding video, it required a videographer to be very creative, and the videographer will have to consider a lot of things. First, the start of the wedding video is one thing. Second, the videographer will have to consider the music for the video. It is not easy to find a song that will sync very well with a wedding video. Third, flow of the video with transitions. Everything about a modern wedding videography video requires a lot of thoughts and creativity. A modern day wedding videography prices are from $2,500 to $5,000. It could be as high as $10,000. Couples can between the $7000 to 10, 10,000 range base on their preferences.

When it comes to choosing a wedding videography package for your wedding will be for the couples to pick. It is all about preferences! Couples can mixed both a traditional wedding videography with a modern video. Both packages will require post production creativity for the videographers. The modern day wedding reel will require more time, energy, and creativity from the videographer.