What Not to Say During the Best Man’s Speech..

Your wedding is one of the most precious days of your life. It is a moment that both the bride and groom have been anticipating. As the bride, you may have been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl. As the groom, you want your best friend to be the best man at your wedding. Therefore, the best man will deliver his speech about the newlyweds. There are several ways a best man may approach the speech. However, there are words certain words or phrases the best man needs exclude during a wedding speech.


The word “uhh” may mean that the best ma has nothing to say about the couple. It can also be a sign that you are nervous about being presenting the speech. Delivering a speech in front of an audience can be intimidating for a lot of people. Public speaking is known to be the number one fear for a lot of people. It is very important for the best man to prepare and practice his speech early before the wedding. I am not talking about a day or two early. I am talking about weeks in advance.

You Know What I’m Saying..​.

No, people don’t know what you’re trying to say! This phrase is used as a filler during speeches. It shows that the speaker is confused and now the audience is confused. Asking the audience this rhetorical question throws pulls them inside your bubble of confusion. This phrase (with the combination of uhh) shows that you may not be ready to deliver a speech about your friend. The best man has to make sure that the audience understands what he is saying from the moment he picks up the microphone to deliver his special words.

You Know…​

No, the audience doesn’t know what you are trying communicate. The “you know” leaves people asking questions about the speech every time you say it. It is very similar to the phrase “you know what I’m saying”, but it will create more confusion for the audience. It is very important for the best man to know what he wants to say and how he wants his speech to be remembered.

Overal, It is very important to remember that you are delivering a one-time speech. A speech that will be a part of the bride and groom’s wedding video. It is always a good idea to practice what you want to communicate to the audience and what you want them to remember. Remember, the best man’s speech is about the best man letting others know about his best friend.

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