Should You Buy Digital Photos or Print Photos of Your Wedding?

When was the last time you ordered printed photos? Yes, like most of us, it has been a while since you and I printed photos. Some of us can’t remember the last time we  stopped into a drug store and dropped off that canister of film. Physical copies of photos are now a thing in the past. We may have pictures hanging on the wall in the kitchen, living room, or in our office, but the frequent trip to order and pick up physical photos is something that we don’t do often anymore. Digital photographs has become more popular and easier to take pictures using a smart phone. There are several reasons people would rather have digital copies of their photos instead of physical copies.

The Digital World

People are more digitally connected more than ever! We can’t go anywhere without having our phones near us. People have become their very own media. There is no need to print physical copies of our photos unless the pictures will be used to hang on the wall. Once we take pictures, they’re automatically saved on our phones. Once it is saved on the phone, we can now share it with friends and family all over the world! This eliminates the idea of mailing pictures to family and friends. They can have access to the photos instantly through social media. The other option is to E-mail or text your special photos to friends and family; they will received them within seconds.

Well, one may ask the question, “What is purpose of physical photo copies?” well, they have their purpose. There is something special about having a physical copy of photos. We can use the photos as decorations around the house, the office, or anywhere we want. Physical photos will always be around because they have been around for ages. We can touch them, carry ithem, and view them with our own two eyes.

Digital photos or print photos? It all depends on your plan. However, one is easier to share and carry. Nowadays, digital photos are here to stay and printed photos are the second option.