Engagement couple photo

Engagement Videography

People are now thinking about having engagement videos alongside engagement photos. Engagement photos are more popular than ever because there are more photographers in market. However, engagement videos are now the new content couples are considering to be part of their wedding video package. There are several reasons engagement videos will be popular. The engagement video can be part of the whole wedding video. This added content to the wedding DVD and can be shared online. In addition, couples can use the engagement video as a “Save the Date” and post it online! Another reason engagement video will become popular is that couples may watch the video later after the wedding. This creates a great opportunity to recall how it all started.

People love to post engagement photos during the wedding for guests to view. Think about the opportunity to display the engagement video during the wedding. This is another great idea that can go alongside engagement photos. This is a great way to take advantage of both worlds. Couples can set their wedding apart by having the engagement video and photos during the wedding.