The Top Reasons you Should Write your Own Wedding Vows

There is something very special about couples writing their own vows for their wedding. Regardless if you choose to write your own vows or not, you still have…

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Wedding Ceremony and Reception “One Stop Shop”

What do we consider an all-in-one wedding venue? We are referring to a venue where you can have both your wedding ceremony and reception! There are many…

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Live Stream My Event

There are some events in your life that are very special to you. Naturally, you want all your family and close friends to enjoy the moment with you. Sometimes…

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Places for Pre Wedding Video and Engagement Photos

You are now engage and ready to start planning your wedding day. You are now thinking about engagement photos to post online and to use to be part of your…

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Why Kids Should be Allowed at Weddings

There are several reasons you should allow kids at your wedding. Some of the closest people to you are not just adults, some are kids. This can be your little…

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Digital Photos or Print Photos?

When was the last time you ordered printed photos? Yes, like most of us, it has been a while since you and I printed photos. Some of us can't remember the last…

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