Why You Should Film Your Engagement

People are now thinking about having engagement videos alongside engagement photos. Engagement photos are more popular than ever because there are more…

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Select the Perfect Wedding Dress

Fashion experts would often say brides come in different size and shapes. This is to denote the importance of your body type to how glamorous and complementary…

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What Consider While Planning a Wedding

So, after you've got the man and he'd be putting a ring on the finger soon, it's only reasonable to carefully plan for the big day to ensure a smooth sequence…

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Your Wedding Video Should be on Blu-ray

There are several reasons to consider having your wedding video be on a Blu-ray disk instead of a standard DVD. You may have the option to have your wedding…

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Best Man Speech..

Your wedding is one of the most precious days of your life. It is a moment that both the bride and groom have been anticipating. As the bride, you may have…

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More Cameras for Your Event

here is something special about watching a wedding and see the groom's face as the bride comes down the aisle. That is a special moment that the bride and the…

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