Places for Pre Wedding Video and Engagement Photos

You are now engaged and ready to start planning your wedding day. You are now thinking about engagement photos to post online and to use to be part of your invitations to the wedding. Finding the perfect place take engagement photos and videos can be somewhat of a challenge. It some cases, it can be very easy to find the perfect engagement spot to take photos and videos.

Avoid High Traffic Areas

You want a place that is beautiful of course, but you don’t want the high traffic that comes with it. Some major cities have botanical gardens. This is usually a place where every spot is a beautiful spot. It is very important to call the botanical garden to get the rights to take photos. For example, we filmed a “Love Story” at Atlanta’s Botanical Garden. Moreover, since we are an actual business, we had to get permission to be on sight filming the “Love Story”. We paid the flat rate fee and we had access to every part of the park. It is very important to visit the park the moment they are open. This is a great way to avoid the traffic.

Filming at a Botanical Garden early in the day is another great way to avoid traffic. This means that kids are in school and most people are at work. In addition, you don’t have to worry about being in the way or people talking while you film.

Parks and Recreation Places

It does not matter where you live; you are surrounded by parks and recreational places to film and to take engagement photos. The fall is a great time to take engagement pictures. The color of the leaves makes it a beautiful scenery for the couple. As for video, slow motion is essential as the couple walks in the park. You will find creeks, rivers, and wildlife that will make your engagement photos and videos very memorable.

Parks and botanical gardens are some of the places to consider to film your engagement video and photos. Look around your city’s online directory for parks and gardens.  Go ahead and make that call to have the most memorable videos of this special time in your life!