Things to Consider While Planning Your Wedding

So, after you’ve got the man and he’d be putting a ring on the finger soon, it’s only reasonable to carefully plan for the big day to ensure a smooth sequence of events. While it is possible for you to have your dream wedding, you’ll need careful plan and considerations to do so. So, right here before you are ten things to consider while planning your wedding. Grab a seat, read on and learn.

Create a wedding folder or binder

You probably would have had some pictures in mind about how your dream wedding should be. You’ll have to start planning your wedding by creating a folder in which you’ll document most of your plans. You can pick up inspiration from magazines on lifestyle, bridal, fashion and even gardening topics. Document your plans and you’ll be able to create a clear picture you can always work towards.

Work out your budget

This section will cover how much you have to spend and how much you’d allocate to different sections. This will actually be based on priorities though but you should have a clear limit within which you’ll plan. Your expenses will include dresses, food, drinks, flowers and cakes, and other party expenses which may include venue and more.

Date and venue reservation

You’ll have to plan and decide on a date and whether you’ll use different locations for the ceremony as well as the reception. If you would, you’ll then have to factor in considerations such as the travel time between the different places and how convenient this may be.

Plan and decide on your bridal train

You’ll have to choose who will be your Best Man, your Maid of Honor, the Bridesmaids, Ushers and more. How many will they be? Will these people be selected from your future in-laws or old friends or probably brothers and sisters? You’ll have to carefully decide on this.

Pick up a wedding dress

You’ll need to consider factors that have to do with how to pick the perfect wedding dress. Will you rather opt for a modest dress in place of a more glamorous dress-to-kill gown? You’ll also have to make decisions on your fashion style for the day. Will you need a morning suit, a black tie or probably it will be boho or themed? You’ll be required to carefully decide on what your wedding dress will be all about.

Your reception, how will it be?

This will majorly depend on your budget though as previously discussed. Will it be just drinks and canapés or you probably have bigger plans that may even include an all-night party or a fun time that will include a band or a DJ? It’s all yours to decide.

Do not plan alone

This is the last thing you’ll want to do. Involve the necessary people and don’t feel like you know what everyone will be thinking. Take initiatives and contributions from family and friends. This is especially necessary if you won’t be involving a wedding planner. Your plans will have to involve other people who would contribute a thing or two to the day, starting from the caterer, to photographers, videographers, chauffeurs and wedding planners, as the need may be.

Your honeymoon, how will it also be?

This will come after the wedding and it is necessary you have it worked out already. Will you prefer to have a lavish wedding and a modest honeymoon? Will it be the other way round or will your budget accommodate both occasions as you’d want? Work this out and have a clear plan towards which you’ll work. Though weddings may seem a once-in-a-lifetime event, it lasts for a single day. Your lives after the wedding and how your family turns out to be is nevertheless the most important thing. Plan and work on this also so as to have a happy married life.

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