Wedding Videography Packages with Highlight Reel

You recently got engaged and the excitement is in the air. You can’t wait for the next journey with your best friend. Re calling the first time you met and everything that was right that day. You are are now shopping for a wedding dress, a venue, a photographer, and a videographer for your wedding. Every engage and married couple have a love story to tell. One of the best way to tell that story is by video.

images of wedding couple

Love Story Videography

What is a “Love Story” videography? As you shop around for videographers , it is very important to know what you want to be part of  your wedding video. A love story is a great addition to the entire wedding video. It is important for you to choose the best location for your videographer to film your love story.

A love story video is made off interviews and interaction between the couple. As a surprise, the each person needs to have separate interviews to talk about the other person. This will make it a big surprise when they finally get to see the video. In addition, the video should be more of a story that will connect with the wedding video. The addition of the love to the entire video will make a great and beautiful memory for the couple. The couple can watch the video to remember their wedding vows for years to come.

Beautiful Venues

The next important part of creating a love story is the setting. Picking a great setting to film a love story can make or break what the videographer would like to accomplish. How to choose a great setting for a love story? Well, there are a lot place around you to choose. There are a lot of beautiful places in Atlanta. The Botanical Gardens  in Atlanta is a wonderful place to film a love story.