Wedding Videography: Romeo and Tami’s Wedding Reel | Rebecca Gardens

We had the opportunity to film Romeo and Tami’s wedding. The couple decided to host their wedding at the beautiful Rebecca Gardens in Alabama. It was another memorable moment for the couple as they incorporated a basketball into their wedding images; therefore, we call their wedding “Love and Basketball” and that made their wedding unique and special. There are other aspects that we thought made their wedding unique and memorable for them and their guests.

Love, Sports, and Wedding

We left special and honored to filmed Romeo and Tami’s wedding. That’s how we feel when to people, who are in love, decide to hire us to film their special event. The bride and groom are involved in helping athletes. One is a girls’ basketball coach and the other helps coach softball.  As a person that love basketball, it was clearly that we had to implement both sports in the wedding. Furthermore, I brought up the idea of a first look to Romeo, and he instantly agreed to the idea. We thought it would be a very cool video with slow motion.

We wanted to capture Tami walking towards Romeo and tap him on the shoulder for the first look while Romeo dribbles the basketball. Romeo and his wife completely made it easy for us to capture this special moment. We only needed one take to capture that beautiful part of the wedding. As a result, that part of the video was amazing, and it was one of the main highlights in the video. The couple also took wedding photos with the basketball and baseball.

We incorporated the basketball in the groomsmen video. First, we instructed the men to pass the ball around. The men passed the ball to each other and the last person to get the pass was Romeo. We wanted Romeo filmed holding the ball for a few seconds. This would be used to show that he captured the ball. Moreover, we thought it was best to have the men have their hands on the ball and say “go Romeo” while we film in slow motion.

Creative Wedding Videos

The Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony room was very spacious and well decorated for the wedding. The guests had enough room around them to feel comfortable during the wedding. One of the most memorable moment was the overwhelming emotions that Romeo left the moment he saw Tami. The connection, the joy, and the love that both couples experienced was amazing. This was a moment that both Romeo and Tami will forever remember. As cinematographers, we love to capture beautiful moments where the bride and groom connect for the first time during the wedding.

The Wedding Reception

Tami and Romeo’s wedding reception was very beautiful. Like every wedding, it was unique and memorable. The wedding cake was in the center aisle. Most weddings usually have the wedding cake on the side, but they decided to have the wedding cake in the center while they introduce the wedding party. Therefore, the wedding party had to go around the wedding cake. This was a great idea to have the wedding party walk toward the cake and around it. Some of the wedding party decided to make their way on one side of the cake. That made more creative shot for both video and photo.

Wedding Speeches

The grooms parents, the best man, and the maid of honor shared about Romeo and Tami. Romeo share about his love for his wife, and  he promised to continue to be faithful and loving toward Tami. We thought it would great to implement his speech in the reel. That part of the reel set the tone for a different transition from slow motion to standard frame rate.

Wedding Reel

We created a wedding video reel that’s under four minutes. We wanted to implement the videos that would grab Mario and Tami’s attention. Our goal is to create a wedding video reel that the couple will forever remember and willing to go back and watch for a long time. Some wedding reel can as short as under two minutes and some can be longer than four minutes. Slow motion, slow motion, and more slow motion. We did not want to overdue the slow motion for Romeo and Tami’s wedding because it can be to much for video. We were very intentional use different frame rate for different scene. We film the wedding reception and ceremony at 23.976 frame per second. The bride and groom preparation were film at 120 frame per second. We filmed some parts of the wedding at 60 frame per second. We plan all the shots prior to the start of the event.

Rebecca Gardens, Springville, Alabama

The couple picked the best place to host their wedding ceremony and reception. We call wedding venues like Rebecca Gardens a “One Stop Shop” for couples. What do we love about Rebecca Gardens? Well, what not to like about it? It has a lot of rooms to host the wedding party prior to the wedding ceremony. The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated.  They have a pool next to the groom’s preparation room. Next to the pool is another area to host an outdoor wedding. The cocktail area, look for that in the video, is another great spot for guest to hangout before reception starts.

The Bride and Groom Wedding Exit

We film a lot of wedding at different venues across the nation; however, the staff at Rebecca Gardens were very excited about their very own way of sending off new weds. We know that all wedding venues have their very own ways of sending off newlyweds in a different way, but this was thoughtful and unique.  They had fireworks on each side of the driveway that went off while the couple exiting the venue in the vehicle. The had a count down from 3,2,1 blast off and BOOM the fireworks went. So, we thought it was best for us to position ourselves on the side to capture the fireworks and the car on the drive way in motion.