Why Kids Should be Allowed at Weddings

There are several reasons you should allow kids at your wedding. Some of the closest people to you are not just adults, some are kids. This can be your little brother, your little sister, or a kid that is very close to one of your immediate relatives. Think about it, what’s a wedding without kids? Well, It is not a true presentation of a real family. A wedding is a great moment for kids to be around family, especially when everybody is happy. You know, happy moments. People love it when whey are watching a wedding video and they see kids. Something about weddings with kids make it more special.

Little Girls Love Weddings

Little girls love weddings. Having girls at wedding help them to have hope they will find Mr. Right one day. When the see the bride, the automatically think of princesses. The best part is when they start asking questions about the wedding. Better even, they may start asking questions about the wedding dress. That’s a teachable moment that a little girl will never forget. Little boys are impacted, too.

Little boys love to dress up with fancy clothes, fancy shoes, and fancy belts. Having a reason to dress up makes it very special for them. They can easily be moved by the moment while in the moment. For example, seeing adult males happy is a sign of security for most boys. It builds confidence as well regardless if they are in the wedding or one of the guest. Next time you are at a wedding, watch the little boys’ reactions — especially the boys who are in the wedding or the ring bearer.

Kids will forever remember special moments more than adults can recall important information. It is very important for kids to be part of your special moment. It makes it more special having all ages at your wedding.