The Top Reasons you Should Write your Own Wedding Vows

There is something very special about couples writing their own vows for their wedding. Regardless if you choose to write your own vows or not, you still have to say, “I do to your forever partner.” Well, what makes writing your own vows special? Writing your own vows means you have more to say than traditional vows.

Writing One-Another Vows

Your wedding day is the day for you to express your life-long commitment to each other.  You have been waiting months to express your thoughts of commitment to your partner in full view of all your family and friends.  Not only is it very romantic to express yourself to your partner in front of other, but telling someone how much you love them aloud is something you and your partner will never forget. Writing your own vows to one another will make your wedding day more memorable! That is another excellent reason to hire One Path Media Videography.  We want to capture the most gratifying moments of your wedding.

Writing your Own Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows requires you to dive into your deepest feelings for your partner. Since you’ve already asked her to marry you or you said “yes”, then it should be easy to pen your vows. Your wedding vows should be special thoughts that come from you and not tradition. Wouldn’t it be better to express your love and commitment using your own words and feelings?

Timing is Everything

It takes a lot to put a wedding together.  Well, writing and expressing your one-another vows is one of the most special events that you will ever participate in.  It is essential to take time write your wedding vows in a timeframe that will allow you to do your best.  Take some time to collect your thoughts and special memories that will go into writing your one-another vows.  Don’t forget, this is mostly about commitment.  Think about what promises you’d like to make to your partner.  Be sure to express to him or her that you’ll be by his or her side for the long haul.  While some people need extended time to get their words just right, others prefer to write their vows 1-2 days before.  Choose what’s right for you!  Just put your heart and soul into it.