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Reasons Your Wedding Video Should be on Blu-ray

There are several reasons to consider having your wedding video be on a Blu-ray disk instead of a standard DVD. You may have the option to have your wedding video be delivered on a thumb drive, however, we advise that it is equally important to have a DVD copy as well. Nowadays, Blu-ray is much more accessible than trying to find a computer to play your DVD on. A native DVD resolution is 720×480 for NTSC and 720×576 for PAL. It does not matter if your video is full HD; your video can only have a max resolution of 720×480 on a standard disk. Here are four reasons your wedding video should be

Blu-ray Features

captured on Blu-ray:
​Blu-ray DVD discs have a resolution up to 2160p, which is higher resolution than a standard DVD.
Blu-ray DVD discs can have more content compared to a standard DVD.
Blu-ray looks better on flat screen televisions at 1080p.
Blu-ray discs can hold up to 25 GB of content compared to a DVD which can only hold 4.5 GB.